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Classic wedding transport hire

Be inspired with classic car and horse and carriage wedding day transport.

With more people now saying “I do” than ever, the popularity of weddings has increased over recent years, after a whopping 40 years in decline. However the Office for National Statistics tells us that the number of couples tying the knot has since 2011 been rising steadily and last year married people made up 51.2 per cent of the population – some suggest that marrying later in life could be adding to the increase.

So with more couples walking down the aisle than ever, tells us that the wedding industry has now become worth a whopping £10 billion pounds a year with the average cost per wedding of £36,127.00 and wedding transport equating to £303.00 of that figure

Not only have weddings increased in popularity over recent years, but so have the alternative modes of wedding day transport on offer, with couples opting for all sorts of wedding vehicles, from a double decker bus to a camper van. However a traditional wedding is still the most popular choice for many, with 78% of brides still wanting to hire traditional classic and vintage wedding cars to convey them to the ceremony and 54.1% of brides and grooms still opting for wedding day transport hire.

Perfect for any blushing bride if she’s planning on making a breathtaking entrance, classic wedding cars and of course the most romantic wedding day transport of all, the horse and carriage are both still the most sought after vehicles to convey the key players to and from the wedding venue and its no wonder, with so many to choose from. Here are just a couple of our favourites…

Rolls Royce Classic Wedding Car

Over the years of offering wedding transport to our clients, the popularity of the Rolls Royce Phantom has steadily increased with requests made by our customers having almost doubled since the royal wedding in 2011 this may also be attributed to the popularity of weddings increasing as shown by the office of national statistics. It’s no surprise that Rolls-Royce motor cars were a favourite among royal households around the world, with the association of the British royal family and Rolls-Royce extending back to 1919 when the Prince of Wales received his first Rolls-Royce: a Barker-bodied limousine. In 1925, the very first Rolls-Royce Phantom was launched (Rolls Royce Motor cars) to rapturous applause. Today, this iconic name remains the greatest in automotive design and technology, making it the perfect choice for any bride and groom looking for stylish and elegant wedding day transport to complement their special day.

Horse and Carriage

Now moving on to the dreamy Landau horse and carriage. Named after the German city of Landau, did you know that this particular horse and carriage vehicle was created as a convertible carriage with a low body ensuring maximum visibility of the rich, so that they could show themselves and their clothing off whilst out for a drive!!! The Royal Mews is home to many of these wonderful carriages which are used in occasions such as State Visits and the Opening of Parliament to Royal Weddings and Jubilees. This makes the luxurious Landau horse and carriage for weddings, perfect for any blushing bride that requires the fairytale moment she’s always dreamed of.

So if your thinking about a horse and carriage or classic wedding car hire for your special day, you will now realise that you are not alone. We hope that we have inspired you a little to look further into the joys of vintage wedding carriages and everything that they offer to ensure that you arrive at the church on time and in style.

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