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Top 10 tips for horse and carriage hire for Essex weddings

For weddings all over Essex, consider our top 10 horse and carriage hire tips. Hire a Bennett’s horse and carriage for guaranteed wow factor!

Your wedding day has finally arrived, and you are feeling like a princess. Looking absolutely stunning in your bridal gown and being escorted by your now handsome husband, is there anything else could you possibly add to make this day complete? Consider the magic of a horse and carriage ride. For weddings all over Essex, hire a Bennett’s horse and carriage for guaranteed wow factor!

Traditional horse and carriage for your wedding

Whether you love horses, wish to recall history or want to make a dream become reality, our 10 wedding horse & carriage hire tips are for you. If you include a horse and carriage ride in your wedding, you and your soul mate will experience a never forgotten memory.

horse and carriage hire for weddings in Essex

To make your wedding day even more breathtaking consider these 10 horse and carriage tips;

1. Keep your horse and carriage hire a secret!

Arrange to hire a horse and carriage but keep it a secret from everyone. That really will give you the extra WOW factor that every bride and groom love! Or maybe the bride or groom arranges to hire the carriage but doesn’t tell their fiance’ what type of transportation it is. We guarantee the look on their face will be one that’s lit up with joy as they embark upon their first journey into married life together.

2. Horse and carriage Essex – Give the bride away in style

Have whoever is giving the bride away deliver her to the ceremony in our stunning horse and carriage. Father, step father or her mother, imagine travelling to the ceremony together in a carriage pulled by two stunning horses and then following the wedding ceremony the bride and groom can enjoy a quiet and relaxing ride before heading to the reception area.

3. Convey the bridesmaids then the bride in our beautiful horse and carriage hire

Use the carriage to deliver the bridesmaids to the wedding ceremony venue and then have it return to  collect the bride who is assisted out by her father and escorted to the alter.

4. Give your wedding a theme with our horse and carriage hire

Think vintage wedding or rustic wedding, even Royal wedding!!! If you are hoping to create an overall look to your day, a traditional wedding, a country wedding, then horse and carriage hire is perfect.

5. Give the guests a horse and carriage ride

If you have children attending, they will probably be very excited to see such a spectacle, why not suggest they sit in the carriage while some photographs are taken, and talking of photographs……

6. Photo opportunity

Horse and carriage hire for a wedding is something quite unique, so you will want your photographer to take some very special photographs for you. You may not have the opportunity to get pictures with everyone in their wedding attire again, using your beautiful horse and carriage as the most gorgeous backdrop. Be sure to get some photos of the bride and the horses standing side by side, kiss a horse on the nose or a captivating pose in the carriage….. the list is endless!

7. Horse and carriage and Jewish tradition

There is a Jewish wedding tradition where the bride is led in on a white horse bedecked in flowers. Arrive riding the horse then following the ceremony you and your husband leave in the carriage.  The bride doesn’t have to be the only one riding in on a horse, both the bride and groom may arrive on their own separate horses. Following the ceremony the newlyweds may depart in the carriage off to their new life together signifying unity.

8. Hire a horse and carriage thats within your wedding budget

People tend to think that hiring a horse and carriage for their wedding is going to break the budget, but that isn’t necessarily so.  Talk to Bennetts, we always do our very best to work within your budget and pride ourselves on our ability to offer affordable Horse and carriage hire for weddings in Essex.

9. Become a celebrity in your Essex horse and carriage

Without doubt, a horse and carriage is a great attention grabber and everyone will be waving at you as you pass by. Seeing a horse and carriage just makes people smile and with you looking so totally gorgeous, we guarantee that they won’t be able to look away, so make sure you practice your celebrity wave.

10. Make a horse and carriage ride a tradition

Keep the spark alive by incorporating a carriage ride for your anniversary. If not each year consider every 5 years giving you something to look forward too. Turn it into an enjoyable ride following a nice dinner, or a picnic on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Horse and carriage hire


Speak to Bennetts, for horse and carriage hire in Essex

Having a horse and carriage ride for you wedding is an affordable idea that can become a reality when you speak to Bennetts. So why not hire a Bennett’s horse and carriage for guaranteed wow factor!  Situated in the heart of Essex we cover Chelmsford, Braintree, Harlow, Billericay, Brentwood, Witham, Rayleigh, Southend, Colchester, Romford, Greys and Basildon, as well as Greater London.

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