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10 amazing facts about your wedding car hire Essex

When you hire a vintage wedding car in Essex from Bennetts classic wedding car hire, you don’t just hire a stylish vintage wedding car, you hire history.

Read on to find out a little more about these supercars which have stood the test of time and are as popular today as they ever were.

Without doubt, the ultimate status symbol, Rolls-Royce is a car that earned this title in the early 1900s and a century later it still turning heads and subtly announcing that ‘sir’ or ‘madame’ has arrived. This fantastic classic car has such a rich history we felt the need to entertain you with 10 amazing facts about this evergreen beauty because it truly deserves the limelight! So why it is that many years ago Bennetts fell in love with this stylish vintage vehicle for classic wedding car hire in Essex?

Rolls Royce wedding car hire essex

    1. Most Rolls Royce parts are manufactured in Indianapolis, USA
      The Rolls-Royce has gradually or sporadically shifted its base from London all the way to Indianapolis, Indiana. Today, the leading industry supplier in the US builds and supplies more Rolls Royce products than anywhere in the world! A 4000-strong workforce work in manufacturing, assembly, test, engineering and other staff support roles. Changing times!
    2. Rolls Royce only sold the chassis and motor of the vehicle until 1946
      Yes, its true, up until 1946, Rolls Royce only sold the chassis and motor with a recommendation to use Barker & Co Ltd to build a customised body and coach? They were not actually selling cars with the complete body work. And Barker & Co, well, they were a coach building company, situated in London. One of their designs – The Silver Ghost is now the most valuable car in the world, weighing in at a staggering US$57 million.
    3. Fact alert… the Rolls Royce centre caps do not rotate!!!
      Call it one of their anomalies or peculiarities, the Rolls Royce wheel center caps do not rotate. They’re on bearings so they will always stay put, meaning that they can always be seen. I don’t know about you, but that’s what we would call pure style.
    4. The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood cannot be knocked off
      The front of the Rolls Royce stars the Spirit of Ecstasy, a unique symbol to the Rolls Royce which was, unfortunately, prone to being knocked off the vehicles bonnet in the early days. However, with the new build, this is now not possible – Thanks to the safety feature that allows the mascot to retract swiftly into the body of the car when met with any force. The model itself, symbolises the forbidden love affair of John Walter, editor for The Car Illustrated magazine, and his secretary, Eleanor Velasco Thorton. Very naughty!
    5. Only one man is entitled to paint the coach line of the Rolls Royce
      You cannot ignore the fact that Rolls Royce cars display a penchant for exclusive detailing in every nook and cranny. And it can be faithfully announced as the epitome of style and elegance when you know that the coach line is painted freehand by one man only – Mark Court. Absolutely no robots or machines are used!
    6. There are more Rolls Royce’s in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world

      Hong Kong having the most number of Rolls Royce cars per capita in the world is shaped by history. It was a British colony in the early decades and most of the British officers as well as businessmen had a Rolls Royce of their own because it was considered the ultimate status symbol.
    7. The grille was etched with the initials of the craftsman who made the car
      Another fact to wonder about is that the Rolls Royce grille of the early cars were built completely by hand and lined up by eye by a craftsman who would inscribe his initials on it. This fact has less to do with consistency and more to do with damage handling. If the grille went bad, the initials would help them track the man down in England who made it and ship it for repairs.
    8. 65% of all the Rolls Royce cars ever built are still on the road
      What would you term as optimal utilisation of resources? The most mind-boggling fact is that 65% of all Rolls Royce cars ever built are still on the road today – customised, bejewelled, or pimped up! Many fans seem to attribute this to the powerful engine and the meticulous craftsmanship keeps the car going on and on.
    9. Rolls Royce has a special training program for chauffeurs 
      A premium car calls for a premium driving experience. And this has not been ignored by the people at Rolls Royce, so much so that they offer training skills to the chauffeurs driving these premium cars – The Rolls Royce White Glove experience. Some of the etiquettes taught in the program include never greeting a guest with sunglasses on and never propping up the sunglasses on the head when the guest is around. This and many more etiquettes that chauffeurs tend to neglect – not so with the Chauffeurs that drive the fleet at Bennetts Classic Wedding Car hire in Essex. All our immaculately presented, smartly uniformed chauffeurs offer years of experience driving our fleet of classic wedding cars for hire. Prepared for the unexpected they ensure a sophisticated, bespoke experience to all our clients and you can trust that your Bennett’s designated chauffeur will be on hand to assist you throughout the day, promising to offer an exceptionally high level of style, safety, courtesy and refinement, to your wedding journey. Which is exactly what you would expect on one of the most important days of your life!
    10. Classic wedding day cars fit for princesses
      The Duchess of Cambridge cruised to Westminster Abbey in a Rolls-Royce — The purple vehicle — given to the Queen by Rolls-Royce in 1977 to mark her silver jubilee — comes equipped with more than £1 million worth of security features like reinforced steel doors, toughened glass, and the ability to be driven even if its tires go flat. After their wedding ceremony, the newlyweds followed in the footsteps of Charles and Diana by taking the 1902 State Landau open-top coach to Buckingham Palace.

The Rolls Royce – a vintage car for when you want to hire a wedding car in Essex

We hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about the history of our beloved Rolls Royce, a stylish and elegant vintage vehicle that is as popular with brides and grooms today, as it ever was. We have a fine selection of classic beauties in our transport showroom in Brentwood, Essex. So why not come down and have a look at what we have to offer…..Vintage and classic wedding day transport for when you want to hire a wedding car in Essex and all starting at a very affordable £395.00 for a minimum 3 hour hire.

Fall in love all over again, with our horse and carriage hire in Essex

As we just mentioned when we briefly touched on the subject of royal weddings, with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge following in the footsteps of Charles and Diana by taking the 1902 State Landau open-top coach to Buckingham Palace, we felt duty bound, before you go to say a little bit about our gorgeous and desperately romantic open topped Landau horse and carriage for hire in Essex, simply stunning, this elegant wedding day transport experience is certainly one that none of our bride and grooms ever forget. Imagine yourself stepping up into a piece of history, helped by your immaculately turned out coachmen. The two black or grey horses with coats gleaming and plumes in their manes will then step out smartly and convey you to your destination, turning heads, with all eyes on you. You can understand why the Landau horse and carriage has been so popular with our Royal family for many, many years.

horse and carriage hire essex

If your curious to know more about horse and carriage hire in Essex, talk to Bennetts, the NO1 choice for horse and carriage hire, situated in Brentwood, we have had many years of experience in horse and carriage hire anywhere in the Essex area and can talk you through your options and work out a cost effective wedding day horse and carriage hire plan.

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